Mega combo box


Sweet tooth or savoury tongue?

Can’t decide? Then this is the perfect match for you!

Mega combo box consists of

1 x olive breadstick (100g), 1 x carrot breadstick (100g), 1 x spinach breadstick (100g), 1 x tomato breadstick (100g), 1 x beetroot breadstick (100g)

1 x hazelnut twist (125g), 1 x pinwheel (120g), 1 x spring bites (150g), 1 x choco sprinkles (200g)

1 x almond banana bar (150g), 1 choco strawberry bar (150g), 1 x honey cranberry (150g), 1 x protein (150g)


Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg