Our Story

Our CEO, Serafeim, was working as a sales representative in the food industry for the last 12 years and always loved sweet treats. It sounds obvious – to start a business based around something you love – but it took a few years of sitting behind a desk feeling unfulfilled before he realised he could turn his dream into reality.

When we first launched NiMa Foods in 2016, we set out to disrupt the industry: we wanted to steer away from the mass market and started producing baked products that are manufactured responsibly and efficiently.

We aim to provide with goods that not only taste good but also feel good, for both you, your body and the community.

The market is monopolised by huge companies and large-scale mass-produced brands, and for the most part, there isn’t much thought or care put into the way these products are made.

So we set out to do things differently and brought out a range of products that combine good quality and the best value for money. We remain true to our values – innovating (our packaging is set to become reusable and recyclable) and always striving to be better by creating high-quality products sustainably and ethically.

Our growth is attributed to a proficient team, all highly skilled in the intended industry with a wealth of experience in key business areas.


At NiMa Foods, we specialize in individualized attention, and excellent customer service. We are very flexible and pride ourselves on the one-on-one relationships we have developed. We are always very proactive and willing to work with our clients regarding any special situations that may arise.

Rather than using a “one size fits all” mentality, NiMa’s goal is to be the innovative solutions provider for each customer. With your purchase of our products and services, our reputation is at stake. We strive to honor our commitment to you and your customers throughout the life of our cooperation.

handmade empire biscuits
making cookies

Life is sweet! Enjoy the moments with every bite

pinwheel stuffed biscuits baked
plate with cream
making whipped cream

NIMA Foods is committed to “make every day more of a treat”.
Being certified by ISO and HACCP we make sure you always get the best products.


Always seeking excellence
Customer and consumer focus
Drive results & deliver value through collaboration

For us, staying true to our goals means focusing on high quality raw materials to provide consumers with the very best in gourmet products. Contact us to get it.