Biscuits in the era of pandemic

During this period of COVID-19, among the various habits we have had to change or to give up to, there is the breakfast ritual at the bar.

Big coffee and some biscuits represent a classic breakfast, mainly in the big cities but now more and more also in the small towns.

Now with the lockdown due to the coronavirus, we all had to reinvent breakfast at home.

An occasion that has become rather unusual is that of having breakfast together at home, an opportunity to be exploited all together with the family.

The most popular products we have for breakfast are and will remain biscuits: soft and hard biscuits to be enjoyed with milk, tea or coffee.

Now, if from one side the amount of time spent at home makes you rediscover various activities such as the pleasure of preparing homemade biscuits, from the other side confectionery industry has started since a while proposing products that seem handmade, at home.

And, during this period of COVID-19, the purchase of biscuits has increased by about 13%, which is not a little in full crisis.

By their nature, biscuits are easy-to-carry and easy-to-store, hence their success in the range of foods during the decades. 

Having said that, what are the most popular products at the time of the coronavirus?

  • Rich and refined biscuits (filled with popular chocolate creams), just to spoil ourselves a bit since we have to stay at home! Something similar to our hazelnut twist or pinwheel, filled with delicious hazelnut paste, both twist your senses.
  • Homemade biscuits, like our famous Caramelised or our Choco crisp. 
  • Sandwich biscuits filled with homemade or more exotic jams, similar to our empire biscuits